Laser Cutting Possibilities!

Our 100 watt laser cutter goes by the nickname “Mongo” and we love her. While we’ve been learning to use her we’ve focused on a narrow but useful workflow to produce cuts and etchings. Leon is our resident laser expert and he knows we can do more so today he whet our appetites with a presentation he called “Laser Cutting Possibilities!”

Apparently we aren’t the only ones who are intrigued by lasers. In two days our Meetup event quickly approached 20 registrants. by this morning we had hit our cap of 24 people. the class room was set with 20 chairs with the expectation that we’d have enough due to no-shows. WRONG! Ten minutes into the presentation we had 34 attendees!

In an hour, Leon took us on a tour of possibilities. He covered such wide ranging topics as sculpting with laser, inlay cuts, etching tile/rock/marble, paint-embedded etches, and much more. the idea was to get us thinking about what might be possible so that we’d start reaching in that direction. to that end he was a run-away success.

Laser Cutting Possibilities!

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