Laser Knife Concept Allows For Cutting Of ‘Foodstuff’ [Video]

Posted: August 13, 2012

Cutting food with a sharp knife is an age old practice that could get a big boost thanks to one enterprising designer at this years James Dyson Awards.

Andrey Kokorin submitted a conceptual design to the young designers competition which places food inside a spherical pod and then cuts that food into segments selected by the user.

Kokorin says he submitted the concept because he wanted to get rid of unsanitary kitchen knives which often carry diseases.

The new “knife” is called the “Innovative Laser Device for Cutting of Foodstuff,” and it uses a set of rotating rings that are lined with electromagnets which following the directions of internal microprocessors to cut food into slices as small as one-millimeter.

The device would use mass or simple images to determine the cutting pattern of each piece of food placed inside of the device. Users would also be able to browse a menu of items from a display screen, allowing them to find optimal cutting patterns for their fruits, vegetables, and other foodstuff.

The young designer hopes to create a “smart” kitchen in which everything can be easily cleaned and stored away for later use.

Here’s a video showing off the foodstuff laser knife. Pay close attention to the removable food holder and revolving laser blade design:

I personally like the idea of a silent knife that keeps my fingers away from sharp edges. I don’t mind cutting food but having a gadget that cuts for me seems like the next logical step in food preparation.

Laser Knife Concept Allows For Cutting Of ‘Foodstuff’ [Video]

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