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  • By John Beck
  • Originally published August 2, 2012 at midnight, updated August 2, 2012 at midnight

Therapeutic laser treatment is relatively new to the world of veterinary medicine.

Hillcrest Animal Hospital now offers Class IV Laser Technology. this laser allows a painless beam of light to penetrate deep within the tissue, thus promoting circulation, tissue repair and cell growth. Photons which are emitted from the beam reach the skeletal muscle and stimulate the mitochondria within the cell to increase production of ATP (energy) which, in turn, leads to pain relief and healing. the photons also boost the speed in which cellular mitosis takes place to increase the healing time of an open laceration, lick granuloma or hotspot. Laser therapy is commonly used following an extensive surgery to aid in the healing process. it is used on the surgical site and suture area to speed recovery time.

Many dermatology issues are easily treated by stimulating new tissue growth. the ability to utilize deep penetrating laser light to promote and jump start the healing phase is a big advantage in the recovery. the key component for dermatology cases is photostimulation, which increases blood flow to the affected area and decreases the appearance of scars.

Laser treatment also aids in pain relief. the laser stimulates the release of endorphins, reduces the activity in trigger points, and stabilizes irritated nerve cells. Pain reduction, particularly in senior pets with hip dysplasia, back problems and arthritis in various areas of the body leads to a better quality of life.

In addition to tissue repair, pain relief, and dermatological treatment, laser therapy can be used as part of many treatment plans including arthritic joint disease and reducing inflammation. this state of the art, cutting-edge treatment is now available in Victoria.

Feel free to contact our office for more information on the benefits of laser treatment.

Dr. John Beck has a veterinary practice at Hillcrest Animal Hospital in Victoria. Submit questions to Dr. Beck at

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