IMTS 2012: Industrial Lasers Match High Precision with Large Format Workholding

New LASERDYNE 430 high precision laser system designed for processing a wide range of laser-welded or laser-machined products.

Prima Power Laserdyne will be demonstrating the latest iteration of its Laserdyne 430 precision laser system at IMTS 2012 in Chicago this September.

Combining high precision output with large format workholding capabilities, this industrial laser brings over 30-years experience of laser welding and cutting to IMTS. This latest version features a rack-mounted fiber laser with over 1,400 watts of peak power in a system that operates at speeds up to 800 inch/minutes in the X, Y, Z axes with bi-directional accuracy of .0005 inch.

To maintain this accuracy, Laserdyne 430 uses a basic 3-axis motion system capable of processing a wide range of laser welded or laser machined products and is also available with full 5-axis motion for enhanced integrated rotation and tilt axes.

With such features as its rugged vertical machining center base, high precision S94P motion control system, front and side access for load/unload operations, multiple laser options and a work envelop of 23 x 16 x 20 inches, the 430 laser system is capable of processing a broad range of components at the highest rates with precision quality, said the company.

as an added bonus, because the fiber laser only requires 110 volts of input power and no water cooling, the configuration results in a relatively small footprint for a system in its class.

IMTS 2012: Industrial Lasers Match High Precision with Large Format Workholding

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